LLUCH CONSULTING & TRAINING S.L., it is Spanish company with domicile in C/ Big Road, 6-4ª plant, 28013-Madrid (Madrid), and inscribed in the Mercantile Register of Madrid, leaf M-531277, folio 182, volume 29518, book 0. With number of CIF B86378189. It acts like Manager of the Treatment in the management of his own Channel of Complaint and Attendant of Treatment in the external management of the Channel of Complaint-Whistleblowinglluch of the entidas that have hired his services, fulfilling with the measures established in the Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 (RGPD) and the Organic Law 3/2018, of 5 December, of Personal Data protection and grantía of the digital rights.

The Channel of Complaint Whistleblowinglluch

Only it is usable by those people or juridical entities that have an interes or direct relation with the companies that has it hired with this Entity. Said companies have a link in his webs and in his Ethical Code, that them redericciona to this Channel of Complaint-Whistleblowinglluch.

Not being able to manage those complaints that realise on legal persons that do not have relation any with this Channel of Complaint-Whistleblowinglluch. We pray them that cercieren or check, visiting the pages webs or Ethical Codes of the entity, object of the possible complaint, before realising a complaint of an illegal or punishable act.

Before the realisation of a complaint of an illegal or punishable fact inside an entity, has to read the following recommendations.

Before proceeding to realise the denucia of a fact or illegal or punishable action inside an entity, remember him that it has to read the information of the use of this Channel of Complaint-Line Whistleblowing. As his compatibility with the data protection, as it determines the valid rule in data protection.

Information and functionality of the Channel of Complaints -Line Whistleblowing
A Channel of Complaints – Line Whistleblowing, is the half by which all the executives and employees of the Entity including, temporary employees, indefinite and by agreement, clients, providers, commercial partners and other parts interested (stakeholders), can inform of behaviours, actions or facts that can constitute rapes so much of the internal norms of a company as of the laws, normative or ethical codes that govern the activity of said entity.
This half, has to use to communicate worries or illegal or punishable acts.

Compatibility with the norms on data protection.
To) So much the entity in where they have produced the facts reported, as Lluch Consulting & Training, S.l., like managing entity Channel of Complaints - Line Whistleblowing, engage to the fulfillment of the secret and confidentiality of the information effected in said channel of complaints. As it stipulates the valid rule in data protection.
b) In the moment to effect the complaint and establish a first contact with the program, his identity will keep confidential in all the stages of the process and, in concrete, not being spread to third, neither to the person incriminated and to the managerial controls. Without prejudice to that to way of exception can accept anonymous complaints and exclusively in determinate cases.
c) Likewise inform him that it could be necessary spread his identity to the pertinent people involved in any back investigation or judicial procedure incoado like consequence of the investigation carried out by the Channel of Complaints – Line Whistleblowing.
d) The time of conservation of the data in the Channel of Complaints - Line Whistleblowing, will not exceed of two months to exception that undertake legal actions against the reported, in whose case will depend the term and conservation, of the ending of the diligencias corresponding. Once passed said terms, the information collected will proceed to cancel .
And) When the data have been collected of a third and no of the person concerned. The person reported will have to be informed by the responsible Line of Complaints - Line Whistleblowing, the before possible in what they have registered the data referents to her. Being informed of:

  1. The responsible entity of the program of complaint of irregularities.
  2. The facts of which accuses him .
  3. The departments and services that could receive the report inside his own society or in other entities or societies of the group of the that forms part his society.

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